When you have an active crane on your Indianapolis job site, having a qualified hand signaler present will ensure that everything goes smoothly. Crane operators and signalers work seamlessly together to orchestrate the movements of heavy machinery around piling, digging, and drilling operations, foot traffic, moving vehicles, and other on-site activities.

A Well-Trained Hand Signaler Can Keep You Compliant

Having a well-trained and highly competent hand signaler work with your crane operator will keep your job site compliant. In some instances, this can mean the difference between paying hefty fines and being able to allocate more of your budget for core operations. Failure to comply by having a crane operator blindly use their equipment can result in job site shutdowns, fatal accidents, asset loss, and more.

Overcome Auditory and Visual Limitations

Hand signals greatly increase a crane operator’s field of vision by instantly conveying important information that operators may not be able to collect on their own. With the constant activity of construction sites, loud noises prevent crane operators from reliably hearing and responding to verbal commands. Even some of the most innovative and advanced technologies fail to convey critical information as clearly and quickly as hand signals do. Where digital signage and mobile devices fail to visibly and effectively deliver essential information in real-time, a person who is making fast and accurate hand signals on the ground can.

Expedite the Work Process With Good Communication

Hand signals don’t just promote higher levels of safety when cranes are in action. They also allow crane operators to do their work with fewer disruptions and at a steady and acceptable pace. Hand signals can be used to let crane operators know when it is safe to move in specific directions, okay to lift or lower their loads, and time to immediately stop all activity. Access to timely information allows crane operators to do their jobs with a higher level of confidence and surety.

Moreover, seasoned hand signalers are familiar with the flow of movement on construction sites. They know the order of operation between various equipment types and can fluidly and intuitively direct crane operators with this in mind. As such, hand signaling allows for faster completion of tasks that are reliant upon cranes for timely delivery of expected outcomes. Hand signaling can additionally cut job costs by limiting the need for lengthy equipment rentals while also enabling project managers to clear their sites of heavy lifting equipment faster.

Prevent Asset Loss and Loss of Life

The most obvious benefit provided by hand signalers is the ability to prevent asset loss and loss of life. Cranes operations present the possibility of serious injuries and major asset loss on their own. However, on busy, bustling job sites, these risks are greatly increased with each additional piece of equipment in use and with every additional person at hand.

Hand signalers are the eyes and ears of crane operators who often do their jobs with diminished visibility and while surrounded by loud and distracting sounds. When the unexpected arises or when other nearby activities conflict with what a crane operator is doing, hand signals can be used to prevent devastating and incredibly costly accidents.

Dog Everything When Unexpected Developments Arise

Perhaps one of the most important hand signals used in crane operation is the “dog everything” sign. This simple yet unmistakable gesture often means that the unexpected has occurred and that it is no longer safe to perform any additional movements. This can be as simple as having a private citizen wander onto the job site or as common as receiving a large delivery of materials and other supplies near the work area. There is no more effective and efficient way to alert a crane operator of the need to cease all actions than by delivering the “dog everything” hand signal.

Competency in crane operation is critical. However, even the very best crane operators rely on competent hand signals. Hand signaling has consistently proven to be the most effective way to direct crane movements from the ground. At QuickLifts, we provide reliable equipment rentals and equipment sales to companies all throughout the greater Indianapolis, Indiana area. Our products include high-quality skid steers, excavators, boom lifts and more. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can help you.