Construction projects in Indianapolis require many different types of equipment to complete the job correctly. While there are many great types of equipment available for rent from Quicklifts, few are as versatile as the skid steer. If you’re considering a skid steer for your next project, here are a few standout features that make skid steers so useful.

Multiple Attachments

Although a skid steer is most commonly used to move dirt, sand, or gravel from place to place, it can perform many other tasks, as well. For example, you can install a pneumatic jackhammer to the front of a skid steer and use it to make quick work of rock or concrete removal. You can also install a grabber claw to the front of a skid steer so that you can move brush, logs, or other loose items.

Various Sizes

Skid steers are available in multiple sizes, meaning they’re perfect for a wide variety of construction sites. If you have a small and cramped area where you’re working, such as a backyard, you can rent one of the smaller skid steers at Quicklifts so that you can easily fit through gates and squeeze into other tight spaces. On the other hand, if you need to quickly move a large amount of material, you can rent a large skid steer to help make the job fast and easy.

Easy to Learn

If you’re fairly new to the world of construction equipment, a skid steer is a great way to learn the ropes. While other pieces of equipment, such as excavators, can take a long time to master, a skid steer is quite forgiving when it comes to learning the controls. This ensures that more people from your team can participate in the process so that you can work in shifts to get the project completed on schedule.

Skid Steers and Much More

At Quicklifts, we pride ourselves on having a wide variety of construction equipment available to rent at all times. Whether you need to rent a skid steer, a scissor lift, or some other piece of heavy equipment, we’ve got you covered. We also sell equipment if you need something permanent, and we can service and repair your equipment so that you can rely on it at all times. Serving the Indianapolis area for over 10 years, the pros at Quicklifts work hard to serve each and every customer with integrity. To learn more about the benefits of skid steers, contact us at Quicklifts today.