An excavator is an equipment used for the digging or excavation of rocks & soil and demolition purposes in construction sites. It moves either via tracks (chain wheel system) or the conventional wheels. Parts of an excavator include a chassis, boom, bucket, dipper aka stick, and a cab attached to a rotating platform duped the ‘house’ where the operator sits.

Applications of Hydraulic Excavators

Excavators come in different sizes and types (more on this below) and serve varied but closely related functions.

Functions of Excavators

  • Digging the earth
  • Grading and landscaping
  • Loading and dumping waste
  • Carrying construction materials
  • Removal of snow
  • Trenching
  • Footing shaft drilling
  • River dredging
  • Brush cutting
  • Forestry mulching
  • Demolition

In a construction site, diggers serve the roles of excavating and moving large objects. Large and small-scale construction projects need excavators. For instance, you can use a mini excavator in your housing project for cutting and filling. In road construction, 360-degree excavators dig the earth, remove the heavy waste, load and carry construction materials.

How an Excavator Works

A hydraulic excavator features a hydraulic system with hydraulic motors and hydraulic cylinders that carry the hydraulic fluid. The system generates a hydraulic force which controls the movement of the mechanical arm. As a result, the equipment runs on wheels or the tracks.

Types of Excavators

Excavators are also knowns as diggers or 360-degree excavators. There are several types of excavators. They are;

  • Mini excavator aka compact excavator
  • Loader backhoe
  • Bucket wheel excavator
  • Midi excavator
  • Amphibious excavator

Others excavator types include steam shovels, drug line excavators, skid steer excavators, and long reach excavators.

Purchasing or Elevator Rental

If you have an ongoing construction project, you can choose between equipment rental and buying. An excavator will help make your work easy. It’s more economical if a construction company buys an excavator as they have many projects in a year. In this case, the cost of hiring will be high in the long-run.

However, if you need a mini excavator or any other type for a one-time project, elevator rental from a company like QuickLift is your best bet. It wouldn’t make sense to purchase one, use it for a few days and the pack it for the rest of the year.

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