GS™-3246The four different types of construction lifts are scissor lifts, boom, lifts, forklifts, and single man lifts. Among all of these possibly the most versatile variety of lift is the boom lift.

What is a Boom Lift?

A boom lift enables technicians to access high and remote areas to work on telephone lines, outdoor electrical lines, manipulate materials in high warehouse storage locations and much more. It is composed of a vertical boom or crane with a cage or open bucket with contains a control interface which the worker uses to operate the machine. It is composed of a hydraulic crane mounted on a lorry. The crane will feature either a telescopic arm or a hydraulic elbow joint which supports a basket platform from which the worker can perform any number of duties.

The unusual balance profile of these machines means there can be a rather steep learning curve when it comes to mastering their use. Boom lift operators are required to obtain specific training due to the unique operating characteristics of boom lifts and the special risks involved in their use.

There are different types of boom lift and each requires specific training to be used correctly and safely.

What Makes Boom Lifts Unique?

Also known as a cherry picker, articulated boom lift, or a knuckle boom, a boom lift offers the worker a mobile aerial platform from which a to control the entire machine, deftly maneuvering around the work site as the job requires. The boom lift is centered around the deployment of an aerial work platform. It also features a swiveling turntable at its base which enables the machine to shift and swing into a wide range of positions. A boom lift can save a work team many hours of climbing up and down ladders and hoisting heavy materials by hand.

Why Choose a Boom Lift?

As a very versatile workplace device, a boom lift can fill a wide range of uses and purposes. These include:

  • Working in a confined area
  • Working around large obstacles
  • Performing work on elevated objects or materials
  • Work in complex environments where crew sizes are limited
  • Work on rugged terrain with hard to reach object or materials
  • Work near or over untraversable areas like water, chasms, or heights

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