There are different types of heavy-grade construction equipment, each with its unique set of roles. As you assess the types of projects you’re taking on, QuickLifts in Indianapolis, IN, offers a variety of specialized construction equipment to help you complete your project on schedule and within budget. Below, we highlight several distinct tasks that our construction equipment can do.

Digging and Moving

Excavators are valuable equipment for digging and moving large amounts of material. Excavators come in many sizes. A mini-excavator gives you easy access to difficult-to-reach places, yet it still has power. A mini-excavator can finish a job in mere minutes that would take workers five hours or more to complete. This smaller piece of equipment limits the impact of the equipment on the surface ground, which makes it a great option for situations like digging holes a parking lot.

Backhoes are also good for digging and moving heavy materials. They can scoop heavy materials such as asphalt, debris, snow, and rocks, and then swing the bucket to load the material onto another vehicle for transport.

Lifting Items and People

Whether you want to lift pallets or people, you can find a lift to meet your specific needs. A scissor lift can handle a heavy load and assist with everything from changing a lightbulb to hanging drywall. To work in high or difficult-to-reach places, a boom lift (also called an aerial work platform) can transport a worker and their tools right to where you need them. QuickLifts can help you to figure out exactly which lift would work for your project.

Pushing Materials Around

A variety of heavy construction machinery pieces are designed for pushing heavy or large amounts of materials. As you might guess, dozers are versatile and powerful machines that can navigate over rugged terrain and move large amounts of earth quickly and effectively.

For smaller jobs and when you want to be able to lift the materials, a skid-steer can fit the bill. Different models of dozers and skids are available for rent or sale at QuickLifts.

Digging Trenches

Trenchers could help your work crew to dig ditches or trenches. These machines are optimized to dig trenches, usually for piping projects.

You may have encountered two major types of trenchers at construction sites: the wheel trencher and ladder trencher. Each offers versatility for digging ditches and runs at much higher rates than any other excavation machine.

To learn more about unique construction equipment for your project in Indianapolis, call QuickLifts today. We sell and rent equipment as well as perform maintenance and repair on many types of construction equipment.