Getting your license to drive a forklift is just the beginning. There will still be plenty to learn about if you want to be a safe and efficient driver. These tips will help you to do so correctly.

Inspect Your Forklift

You should not ever skip the pre-shift inspection of your forklift. It. is your responsibility, especially since you do not know how it was used by the person before you. Forklifts can be dangerous, so you need to take control of your safety and that of others by making sure it is in proper working order.

Wear the Right Gear

You shouldn’t wear loose-fitting clothes when driving a forklift since they can get caught on things. You should have on safety shoes, a hi-visibility jacket, and a hard hat. Make sure your hands are not greasy, as that can cause you to have an accident if you cannot properly operate the controls.

Enter and Exit Your Forklift Carefully

Many forklift accidents happen when the operator is entering or leaving the vehicle. There is often a big step to clear. When operators start to get comfortable, accidents are more likely to occur. This is why you always need to stay alert.

Keep Your Load Low

When you are driving your forklift with a load, you need to keep it as low as possible. Doing so maintains the stability triangle. You need to know how tall your forklift is and that of the load it is carrying. Make sure you can clear overhead obstacles before you attempt to go under them.

Do Not Become Distracted

Forklift operators do not have a lot of supervision. It is not like working on an assembly line where supervisors are paying close attention. This means it is on the forklift operator to constantly pay attention to where they are and what they are doing.

Your Forklift Experts

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