When it comes to scissor repair in Terre Haute, IN, the expertise and knowledge of our team at [company_name], a scissor lift repair company, is hard to beat. One of the most common aerial lifts on the market, the scissor lift is widely used but unfortunately often needs repair or servicing. Because these lifts are necessary across many different industries, finding the right person for scissor lift servicing may be critical to your business’ operation. [company_name], is known throughout Terre Haute for heavy equipment repairs and services, including scissor lift repair.

Scissor Lift Servicing and Maintenance in Terre Haute

Scissor lift servicing offers a host of benefits for your business, including:
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Reduction in downtime
  • Increased scissor lift service life
  • Fewer/less costly repairs

You likely count on your scissor lift to accomplish a variety of different tasks on the job site. This underscores the very important nature of scissor lift servicing and maintenance. A well-maintained scissor lift performs like it should and lasts for many years. Regularly scheduled scissor lift servicing helps your equipment work as expected while keeping workers safer and spot problems where scissor lift repairs are warranted.

Scissor lift maintenance and servicing is not just a good business practice. It is also a requirement of OSHA. Under OSHA regulations, companies who own scissor lifts must keep them safe and in compliance with its guidelines in order to stay compliant with OSHA. Part of those mandates includes performing regular maintenance and keeping up with scissor lift repair needs.

When our team provides scissor lift servicing and maintenance, we check all components of your lift, including things like fluid levels, wheels and tires, steering, and emergency controls. Our team also looks at the structural components of the scissor lift, including the hydraulic pneumatic, electric, and air systems.

Scissor lift servicing gives our technicians a chance to discover problems with your lift. When problems are found, we undertake scissor lift repairs ASAP, with your approval. Our goal is to make sure that your scissor lift is back to operational status as quickly as possible.

Working With Our Scissor Lift Repair Company

Because a scissor lift is not used as much as other types of lifts in the workplace, companies are often lax with maintenance, thinking that because it’s seldom used, it’s good to go. That’s a fallacy. When something goes wrong with a scissor lift while workers are aboard, serious injuries or even fatalities can result. Scissor lift servicing and timely scissor lift repairs can go a long way toward reducing or even eliminating that ominous possibility.

Stay compliant with OSHA, keep your workers safe, keep and your equipment in good working order. Reach out to our scissor lift repair company in Terre Haute, [company_name], for scissor lift servicing now!