Quick Lifts management is consistently hiring skilled, capable, and hardworking forklift operators. Simply put, our business thrives on our forklift fleet, along with several similar machines. Safe and responsible operation of any machine, regardless of size, is a core competency we expect of every employee whose responsibilities encompass such work.

Safety and precision are extremely important when dealing with professional forklift operation. To that end, legal and accredited certification is required for forklift work. The proper certifying measures will go a good distance towards reducing the risk of damage and personal injury. Below are listed a number of requirements and skills pertinent to the forklift certification process.

  • Certification must be consistent with OSHA guidelines
  • Considerable bodily strength is ideal, if not requisite
  • Demonstrated capability of identifying hazardous loads and loading environments
  • Technical proficiency with forklift mechanical properties
  • Precise loading and unloading assessment capacity
  • Competent forklift maneuvering throughout work areas of variable size and shape

The American business sector has a consistent ongoing need for heavy machinery and wide-ranging tools designed for use in countless applications. Whether it’s the enormous retail sector, the vast warehouse scene, or the cornerstone of our economy that is construction, companies from coast to coast require the mechanized power of one sort or another to adequately and profitably perform their work. Every Quick Lifts employee is closely aware of this reality. They each do their part in keeping our fleet of lifts, skid steers, backhoes, and excavators (among other equipment) in excellent working order. We take pride in renting and selling excellent machines and stand by the quality and functionality of every unit that leaves our fleet, whether temporarily or for good.

At Quick Lifts, we provide long-standing clients and first-time customers with a wide set of solutions, services, and products for their respective needs. Below is a partial list of just what it is we have to offer our customers:

  • Selling and renting of durable machinery, large and small units alike
  • Repair and servicing of equipment, both customer-owned and any rented units
  • Operator-centric aerial equipment safety training
  • Swift and reliable pickup/drop-off services
  • Equipment checks conducted on a yearly basis

Quick Lifts employs the highest-qualified forklift operators in the industry. Have questions about how to become one? Give us a call today for more information!