House planning Are you a homeowner or a contractor planning to work on a construction project that requires a lot of digging? A mini excavator is a machine you are looking for. Mini excavators are small tracked or wheeled vehicles with a slew of uses in construction. A typical mini excavator weighs up to 20,000 lbs, which falls well within the realm of machines that are considered compact. However, some definitions insist that a mini excavator should weigh no more than 10,000 pounds.

Ideal Uses
Mini excavators have a variety of uses, mostly in construction. Their popularity is attributable to their versatility. This small and compact piece of machinery is perfect for digging, especially in tight spaces, which is why they are mostly used for home construction projects. Mini excavators are favored around upcoming areas for their versatile range of functions. Their compact build allows for multiple attachments and bucket sizes.

If you are a contractor who deals with smaller earthwork jobs where lighter equipment is needed, you should consider investing in a mini excavator. You can use a mini excavator in virtually any tight-spaced job, including a wide range of construction applications, demolition, and light utility, digging, and home renovation. In some applications, mine excavators work well with larger machinery. For instance, when constructing a swimming pool, you can use a mini excavator to dig the hole while the larger machinery removes the dirt.

Digging Capabilities
As the name suggests, a mini excavator is a smaller version of a full-sized excavator, but don’t be fooled by the small size, these little compact pieces of machinery are quite powerful. Mini excavators don’t skimp on power, which many people assume they do. In fact, the hydraulic system of a mini excavator is set up in such a way that it can do almost the same amount of work as a full-sized excavator. Furthermore, due to their compactness and versatility, mini excavators offer several benefits over bigger excavators.

When using a mini excavator, the operator has a better view of what he/she is doing. This makes digging easier and the crew is able to do a better job, overall. If you are a contractor or a homeowner with an upcoming home renovation or construction project that may require the use of an excavator, you can always hire one from a forklift rental near you. If you are in Indianapolis, Indiana, get an excavator rental from QuickLifts, LLC. Call us for more information on equipment and services that we offer in the area.