Forklifts, forklift operation, and forklift maintenance are cornerstones of the QuickLifts, LLC business. Essential for warehouse work, dock loading/unloading, and various types of construction labor, these machines are mainstays of American business. Their operators also require official certification in the state of Indiana for purposes of both safety and legality. And that is as it should be, as operator error can lead to property damage and far worse. Understanding all there is to know about forklifts, including functionality and operation, makes perfect sense for almost any on-site team member.

A few of our certification requirements are listed here:
  • Training must be OSHA-compliant
  • Operator must be in good physical condition
  • Must be capable of identifying job site hazards
  • Must have some technical knowledge of forklift mechanical properties
  • Must be able to properly assess and secure loads
  • Must be able to effectively maneuver the machine in and around tight spaces

There is a good deal more that goes into the proficient operating of a forklift. Because these machines are of such central importance to our business, we take pride in only hiring the best forklift training professionals in the business.

With a decade of business under our belt, the Quick Lifts team has proudly worked with clients of all sorts across several industries. Our rental equipment and various services are quite extensive and afford us the opportunity to assist individuals and companies in any number of ways. From year to year, we strive to exceed expectations for our customers and feel we have succeeded time and again. We do so by providing a diverse array of solutions for customers who include small business owners, major construction operations, and anything imaginable within that range.

  • Equipment rental and sales, as well as mechanical service
  • Mechanical repair for customer-owned machinery
  • Operator Safety Training (Aerial Equipment)
  • Prompt equipment delivery/pickup
  • Annual equipment inspections

The industry experts at Quick Lifts realize that equipment and repair needs vary considerably from one job to the next, which is why we work diligently to maintain a broad range of capabilities along with our large fleet of heavy duty machines. Call us today for more information!