Super SeriesEvery contractor must know when their equipment simply needs a repair and when to get new ones. Even the best equipment cannot maintain proper functioning forever. There comes a point when you need to replace it. Replacing your construction equipment depend on a lot a lot of things.

Maintenance Costs

If your equipment needs repair, consider the costs of maintenance as opposed to replacement. If you have older equipment, they may require a lot of money in maintenance and repairs. If the cost of repairing equipment is more than or close to the cost of replacement, replacement is the better option. Invest in a new model which may operate well for long hours and require less maintenance.


Is your construction equipment causing less productivity? It may be time to replace it. Poor productivity may be caused by the size of your equipment Repairs cannot fix that. If your equipment is no longer able to meet your job site needs, trade it for something new. Newer models use advanced technology which may be what you need to increase productivity. It may seem like a waste of time and money to replace your equipment if it is still in good working condition but has low productivity. However, that is not the case. The initial cost of replacing your equipment may be high but it offers you a long-term solution. It is a cheaper option in the long run.

Downtime Costs

Even though all construction equipment may break down at some point, older equipment has a higher chance of breaking down. Consider how much money downtime may cost you. If you think it won’t cost you a lot, then you may settle for repairs. If, however, the cost of downtime is too high, you should invest in newer equipment.


The cost of replacing your construction equipment may be higher than the cost of repairs. Consider your budget and determine whether or not you can afford to replace your equipment. Your equipment may fail when you least expect. In such instances, you may have to settle for a repair. If, however, your budget can accommodate a purchase and it seems like the better option, you may replace your equipment.

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