Buying used machines to complement your already-existing equipment is an innovative strategy. You will be saving money while at the same time getting equipment that will serve your company for several years. However, buying used equipment is never a guarantee. You could end up with the wrong purchase and wasted funds. Here are three tips you can use to evaluate used equipment and to avoid costly mistakes.

1. Evaluate the Tires

Tires are some of the most important components of used equipment. You do not need an expert to check tires as their physical appearance can give you significant information about the age of the equipment and whether it is suitable to handle your specific job. Some of the important areas of the tires that you should check include mismatched tread patterns, which are very common in very old tires. Other areas of importance include tread cuts and uneven tread depth, among others.

2. Look at the Engine Service History

The second important area where you should check on used equipment is the engine. If you are buying from a dealer or a leading equipment company, you should consider asking for the engine service history. Engines that have been working for many hours need regular repair and maintenance. If the engine of the equipment you intend to purchase has reached 10,000 hours in operations, check for replacement of important things like bearings, bushes, and rings. If they have not been replaced, you should not purchase that equipment.

3. Check on the Undercarriage

If you are buying equipment like an excavator, you should make sure that you check the undercarriage. The life expectancy of an excavator’s undercarriage varies depending on the area where the equipment has been working. Excavators working on a slope are likely to experience more wear and tear than those working on flat land. You need to calculate the percentage of wear before making the purchase decision.

Finding Reliable Equipment

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