Construction managers know that time is a significant parameter of project management. However, the low efficiency of construction equipment contributes to significant delays that stall projects beyond the handover date. When the equipment breaks down in the middle of a job, contractors have to hire a replacement while waiting for repair.

Repairing your equipment helps to keep it in the best condition and increases longevity. Contractors should consider the following when deciding when to maintain their equipment.

After Completing a Major Project

Servicing your construction vehicles after completing a project means that you’ll be ready when another job comes up. If you fail to service the engine, it will crank but won’t start as usual. Once the engine oil oxidizes and combines with dirt, it turns into a sticky sludge.

A clogged fuel filter and a defective ignition coil means that the engine will not spark or generate compression. If you are going to store the equipment for months:

  • Find a clean and dry storage facility
  • Fill the fuel tank
  • Change the oil
  • Check the engine and transmission for leaks
  • Do repairs

According to the Maintenance Schedule

It makes sense to change the engine oil and filters once you’ve done the mileage. However, the condition of construction equipment does not depend on only mileage but also on the nature of the job. If you are doing heavy excavation work and hauling loads, your equipment will break down fast.

Scheduling for regular maintenance takes your time but it’s negligible compared to the weeks you’ll have to wait when the machine breaks down. Having a schedule means that only some of your machines are undergoing maintenance at a time. Project managers use bar charts to plan their work to determine which machines will be operational in the coming weeks.

Sign Up for a Maintenance Plan

Preventative maintenance plans help to check on the condition of your equipment and anticipate potential breakdowns. At QuickLifts, LLC, we provide professional equipment repair services to Indianapolis contractors. Our expertise in plant and machinery repair can help your equipment to become more efficient.

Are you looking to pre-empt equipment damage that’s costing you time and money? Contact us today at QuickLifts, LLC, and our professionals will assist you.