In many cases, a scissor lift provides an outstanding solution to help you accomplish tasks more quickly and safely. Whether you have a large or small business in Indianapolis, there are scissor lifts of different sizes that are available to help you get the job done. Scissor lifts are fascinating machines with multiple parts that work together to provide seamless operation. To better understand the operation of a scissor lift, here is a basic guide from the experts at QuickLifts LLC.

Most Common Type of Scissor Lift

Testifying to their versatility, there are a variety of scissor lifts available. You can find scissor lifts that use an electric lift, scissor lifts that do their lifting using compressed air, and scissor lifts that are powered by diesel fuel. The most popular type of scissor lift at QuickLifts LLC, though, is the hydraulic scissor lift. This type of scissor lift combines a powerful motor with a large hydraulic cylinder to lift individuals on a platform to a variety of heights.

Hydraulic Cylinders

The most important component of a hydraulic scissor lift is the hydraulic cylinder. This cylinder is made up of a barrel and a piston. When you activate the motor, the motor forces hydraulic fluid into the barrel, forcing the piston out of the barrel. When this happens, the piston moves upward, pushing the lift portion of the scissor lift along with it. By controlling how far the piston moves out of the barrel, you can control the height of the scissor lift. Since most scissor lifts only have one cylinder, the cylinder tends to be quite large to ensure it can support the weight of the scissor lift and provide stabilization when you’re working far from the ground.

Powerful Motor

Another vital component of a scissor lift is the motor. In general, the motor on a scissor lift from QuickLifts LLC serves two purposes. The first, as mentioned, is to force hydraulic fluid into the barrel of the hydraulic cylinder to allow the scissor lift to rise to the desired height. The second purpose of the motor is to power the wheels that enable you to move the scissor lift around your facility. The wheels on a scissor lift are crucial because scissor lifts are quite heavy. Without powered wheels, moving the scissor lift would be a time-consuming task.

Controlling the Height

For individuals operating a scissor lift, controlling the height of the scissor lift is quite easy. Typically, there is a single switch that the operator can use to raise and lower the lift. Thanks to the powerful hydraulic cylinder, height adjustments on a scissor lift are quite precise. Other controls on the control panel include a joystick for steering the scissor lift, an emergency stop button, and a horn. To provide an extra measure of safety, these controls are duplicated on the base of the scissor lift. That way, if the controls in the bucket malfunction, the operator can still make it safely to the ground.

Safe Use of a Scissor Lift

Safety is of utmost importance when operating a scissor lift, especially when you consider the heights at which operators must work. At QuickLifts LLC, we strongly encourage everyone who will operate the scissor lift at your company to go through a comprehensive training course. While in the scissor lift, operators should be strapped to the platform to ensure they can’t fall out if they lean over the edge. At the base of the scissor lift, it’s important to have an individual who can keep other people away from the scissor lift, especially while it’s moving.

Making the Most of Your Scissor Lift

A scissor lift will prove itself to be invaluable time and time again. To ensure that it’s always ready to go, it’s important to maintain your scissor lift regularly. To promote safety, it’s important that no trash or other unnecessary items are left in the scissor lift at any time. You should also have your scissor lift professionally serviced at least once a year by QuickLifts LLC.

Your Scissor Lift Experts

At QuickLifts LLC, we take pride in elevating the productivity of your company. That’s why we offer a wide range of services, including forklift rentals, scissor lift maintenance, skidsteer rental, and lift repair. For over 10 years, we’ve been helping professionals throughout the Indianapolis area achieve their goals. To learn more about scissor lifts, contact us at QuickLifts LLC today.