Forklifts may be fun to operate, but the large equipment is dangerous and handled as such.  Accidents happen and tend to occur more on work sites with large equipment such as forklifts.  Safety training is essential if you drive a forklift or are training to do so.

Avoiding Fatal Forklift Accidents

  • Forklifts can flip over. The driver is not the only at risk, but workers on the site or warehouse are in danger if the heavy equipment flips due to distraction or under-maintained equipment.
  • Without policy and procedure regarding usage of a forklift, you run the risk of also crushing a co-worker.  It is the reason that signals, both lights and hand gestures should be part of your forklift safety training.
  • Work sites often have multiple forklifts or large equipment.  Bystanders could get caught between and crushed. Hand signals and lighting sequences with your fellow equipment operators is best practice.
  • Without proper training to spot potential accidents, the chances of running over a co-worker or citizen is heightened.
  • Forklifts are used to move heavy materials. The chance of debris falling is often too high without proper training. For instance,  taking notice of people nearby.
  • The risk of even falling off of a platform is a present danger.

Knowing your surroundings is the correct key to safety. It includes understanding signal protocol across every employee whether they work a forklift or not.

Industry Injuries & Fatalities

Again, accidents happen to everyone in every situation, however, many times human error can be stopped before it occurs.

  • Manufacturing accidents occur because often workers are in a confined space.
  • Construction sites are where mishaps of all kinds are a risk.
  • Transportation offers its dangers as you do not merely have yourself to be concerned about.

The chance of injuries and fatalities lowers when there are standards. You must be 18-years-old or older and have a high school degree or the equivalent. Additional training is required depending on the industry and your company’s rules.

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