Forklift hydraulics are used to lift loads that weigh thousands of pounds off the ground and hold them in the air, several heights up, without tripping. This machine has become a necessity in construction sites, shipment sites, and manufacturing companies as it helps in lifting all the heavy loads. Here is a guide on how they work:

First, there are essential parts that all forklifts should have. They include power sauce, tires, frame, counterweight, mast, overhead guard, load back-rest, and forks. Forklift hydraulics work by deriving power from two interconnecting mechanisms: hydraulic mechanism and the lifting mechanism.

Hydraulic Mechanism

A hydraulic cylinder has a hollow tube sealed on one end while the other end is fitted with a movable lubricated piston. Air enters through the valve thus allowing gases to enter the bottom of the cylinder without leaking out. As the gas increases; pressure inside also increases. This pressure is applied on the piston head, resulting in an upward force. As the piston moves up, the internal gas volume increases hence decreasing the pressure, therefore, creating a physical equilibrium at any given lift. Moving the load higher signals the forklift to pump more air into the cylinders.

Lifting Mechanism

The pistons are attached to masts while the actual forks are connected to the forklift via a pair of roller chain pulley, and one side of the chain is linked to the forklift’s immobile frame. As the hydraulic pistons move, they push against the masts, and the gears on the masts then move against the system’s roller chains. Since the chains are attached to the forklift, the gears of the masts rotate clockwise, therefore, pulling the forks up.

Forklifts Controls

Every forklift hydraulics system has a steering control and a lifting control. Even though the steering control works like the acceleration pedal or brake, the forklift uses rear-wheel-steering, allowing the driver greater rotation and precision. The lifting control is made up of two levers – for lifting the load up and down as well back and forth.

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