The speed, safety and efficiency that you handle your construction project with depends on the quality of the heavy equipment you hire. When the equipment is in excellent condition, you can expect the project to be completed within the set timelines. As a project manager, you should always ask the following questions before renting construction equipment in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Who Owns the Equipment?

Ideally, you should rent heavy construction equipment from legitimate companies. They should have proof-of-ownership documents. This protects you from hiring equipment from companies whose ownership status and rental conditions are questionable.

How Long Has the Equipment Been Operational?

The efficiency of any machinery depends on how long it has been operational. Even with the best maintenance, machines still experience wear and tear. Knowing how long the machine has been operational helps you estimate how much life it has left and how efficient it will be while you’re using it.

Can I see the Machine’s Maintenance Service Logs?

The service log shows you how serious the company is about preventative maintenance. Choose equipment with a great maintenance record. It is less likely to break down and should be more efficient.

How Will the Machinery Get to My Site?

QuickLifts, LLC, provides two options: You can either come pick the equipment up with your own trailer and haul it to the job site yourself, or we’d be happy to deliver the equipment directly to your site. It’s your choice.

Will I Need Insurance?

Operating heavy machinery is risky, and some rental companies provide insurance. However, others will need you to have general liability insurance to work with them. This is something that you can discuss when getting a quote, which is free to do; just fill out the contact form on our website.

QuickLifts, LLC, is an Indiana-based construction equipment rental company. We own all the necessary construction equipment that we lease. We lease boom and scissor lifts, man lifts, telehandlers, skid-steers, forklifts, and mini-excavators among others. Contact us today for the most efficient equipment in the state.