Skid Steers

Although skid steers are small and compact, their lifting capabilities are amazing! These machines are tiny, but they can handle weight with the best of them. Whether you’re transporting huge piles of dirt or thousands of pounds worth of rock, a skid steer could be a fantastic option. Here at QuickLifts, we have a wide variety of skid steers from some of the top brands in the industry. These lifts are powerful, compact, and easy to use! If you’re looking for a heavy lifting machine that doesn’t take up much space, a skid steer could be your solution. Check them out today!

Gehl RT175 GEN: 3 Track Loader Skid Steer

Mini Excavators

Mini excavators might sound small, but their power is incredible! QuickLifts, LLC has many different options of mini excavators focused around you and your project. Whether you have to move a few piles of material or you have to dig a large trench, a mini excavators is a fantastic option. The amazing mobility of these machines make them some of the most popular equipment out there. Save time and money by calling QuickLifts today! Our products are the best in the industry and our prices are focused around your budget!

Mini Excavators - Z35


Backhoes add versatility and extra power to your lifting needs. These attach to the back of a wide variety of lifts and can be very beneficial in construction projects. Backhoes are great for digging holes and transporting material. In addition, their flexibility is unmatched. A backhoe consists of a long mechanical arm that can move in all directions. This arm connects to a large bucket, which can handle very heavy material. QuickLifts, LLC specializes in the rentals of these backhoes and we can get you started with the perfect equipment for a job of any size. Contact us today for more information!

Backhoe Rental

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