The importance of safety and responsibility while operating a forklift cannot be overstated. Operator error can result in serious damage and injury. That’s why it’s extremely important to only work with certified operators. Becoming a certified Indiana forklift operator is a straightforward process. Below you’ll find requirements and associated skills needed to become certified for driving forklifts in Indiana:

  • OSHA compliance is mandatory
  • Solid physical conditioning required
  • Proven ability to identify unsafe loading/unloading circumstances
  • Mechanical/technical knowledge of forklift technology
  • Accurate assessment of loading and unloading fundamentals
  • Effective maneuvering of forklift in and around various work environments

Businesses across the industrial spectrum routinely find themselves in need of heavy-duty machinery for one purpose or another. That’s a need we at QuickLifts are more than happy to cover. Since we established ourselves a decade ago, the mission has been simple: provide our clients with tools, machines, and services to help them achieve their operations goals. Everything from earth-moving to load-hauling is manageable within our fleet, while our crew is more than capable of providing trustworthy consultation to best suit your needs. The Quick Lifts inventory is built as much on variety as it is on integrity. We have a lot to offer and you can always count on us for reliable products and services. Take a look at our offerings listed below:

  • Heavy machinery and tools for sale and rent
  • Repair services for customer-owned equipment
  • Aerial Equipment Safety Training (operator-focused)
  • Delivery and pickup services; prompt and dependable
  • Annual equipment/machinery assessment

Whether you’re trying to become a certified forklift driver or you have questions about our services, don’t hesitate to give us a call today. We have over 75 years of combined experience and customers are always our top priority. Whenever you work with us, you know you’re working with very professional and certified forklift operators. Call us now!