Whether you work in construction or you are a homeowner looking to improve projects around the house, there are bound to be times when you’ll need to use equipment that is not considered standard to get bigger jobs done. It would be nice to have a pay loader or bulldozer at your disposal, but the cost of ownership doesn’t justify its use. In situations where you need heavy equipment, consider renting here in Indianapolis over buying. Here are some solid reasons why renting heavy equipment is a more efficient move.

Renting Is More Cost Effective

As you consider the costs of renting versus buying, you’ll find that renting is almost always cheaper. Down payments and financing simply cost more than rental fees and nominal insurance fees, allowing you to put money back in your pocket for other construction needs.

Renting will also save you money on repairs and maintenance costs. Rental companies often wrap the cost of maintenance on their vehicles into the price that you pay to use the equipment. Unless something breaks on your property, you’re not likely to see a repair or maintenance bill. Were you to buy the same piece of equipment, you’d be responsible for all upkeep, maintenance, and insurance costs associated with ownership, and these additional fees can really add up over time.

Renting Gives You Access to More Equipment

Renting heavy equipment from licensed dealers is a great way to gain access to their entire inventory. Quite often, you can rent one or more pieces simultaneously to get a job done. Were you to buy the same pieces of equipment and house them, the cost of operation would be much more expensive than entering a brief rental contract.

Renting Gives You Access to Newer Models

Purchasing a piece of heavy equipment means that you’re stuck with it until it’s no longer usable. New equipment is constantly being developed and improved, and renting gives you access to a whole new world of innovation and technology that ownership might not give you. Don’t get caught up in a loop of purchasing every two years to get the latest and greatest. Save both money and time by renting newer models, and see that your job is done quickly and efficiently.

Renting Allows You to Avoid Additional Ownership Costs

Purchasing new equipment necessitates not only maintenance and repair costs but storage costs as well. In addition, choosing to rent your equipment out to others places additional costs of transportation on your plate. Rental saves you money and time that you might have spent worrying about the logistics of transportation and storage, and it offers you peace of mind that no additional fees will pop up after your rental contract has ended.

Renting Ensures That You Stay in Compliance

The operation of heavy equipment carries with it certain responsibilities. Certain states have stringent rules about the operation of heavy equipment as it pertains to emissions and safety standards. If you choose to rent rather than buy, you are placing the responsibility for compliance in the hands of the rental business, and you’re taking the guesswork out of whether the piece of equipment you are using is up to standards.

Renting Ensures Reliability

Using heavy equipment that you’ve owned for a number of years will almost surely result in an eventual breakdown. Not only do you find yourself delaying a project’s completion, but you’ll also incur significant repair bills that you may or may not be ready for. Save yourself both time and money when you rent from a dependable institution that is committed to ensuring that equipment is both reliable and efficient.

Renting Allows You to Avoid Long-Term Commitments

Just the thought of a major purchase such as a car, house, or piece of heavy equipment can cause anxiety for some buyers. These are significant purchases that must be considered as long-term commitments, for care and maintenance are an essential part of their ongoing function. Heavy equipment might be a great thing to have on hand to use at your disposal, but the duties of service, maintenance, eventual disposal or sale, upgrades, and regulatory compliance are all your responsibilities now that you own. If you don’t feel prepared to handle all the commitments that come with ownership, then rental is the way to go.

Quick Lifts: Taking the Guesswork Out of Heavy Equipment Use

QuickLifts has the equipment you need at a rental price you can afford. Featuring the latest and greatest models of everything, from lawnmowers to commercial construction equipment and beyond, we take the guesswork out of your next big job. Call us today for superior service and affordable rental prices in Indianapolis that will help you complete work in a timely and efficient manner. We’ll help you get the job done!