Renting or buying a scissor lift in Indianapolis, Indiana is not without its challenges. From maintaining compliance to avoiding injuries, project managers have their work cut out for them. Whether your crew is brand new to this equipment or has operating experience, it’s important to ensure that everyone is up to date with the latest safety practices. Following are six tips for safe scissor lift operation that everyone on your job site should know.

1. Assess and Secure the Environment

Safety starts even before scissor lifts are set up and put in use. It begins by making sure that the environment itself is secure. Look for nearby power lines and other potential hazards, and make sure that the scissor lift is on level, stable ground. If environmental conditions make it difficult or impossible to stabilize a lift, move the unit to a more suitable area and consult with a project manager or a member of our team before proceeding.

2. Identify and Test the Emergency Stop Button

All automated lift equipment comes with an emergency stop button. Before setting up a lift and turning it on, make sure that all employees in the vicinity knows where this button is and when to use it as every lift make and model is somewhat different. Thus, taking a minute to familiarize your crew with a new lift is essential. Before incorporating a new lift into your work routine, test its emergency stop button. Even safety features like these have the potential to malfunction.

3. Don’t Use Outdated Equipment

The latest options in scissor lifts are far more intuitive than models that were released many years or even decades before. If you have an old scissor lift in storage, have it inspected and tuned up by a professional before attempting to use it. Not only is this an excellent opportunity to identify and resolve potential problems, but it’s also a chance to determine whether or not your equipment is obsolete and unsafe. Renting or purchasing a newer model could be essential for remaining compliant and avoiding serious accidents and injuries.

4. Know the Maintenance History of Your Scissor Lift

Rented or used lift equipment should always come from licensed companies that understand all safety and compliance-related concerns, and additionally maintain detailed maintenance records. Whether you’re dusting off one of your old lifts and bringing it back into action or hiring a lift for short-term use, take a minute to study its maintenance records to verify that it’s up to date.

5. Invest in Adequate Training for Your Team

If you don’t have the money or manpower to invest in the necessary training for safe scissor lift operation, consider renting a lift and hiring a seasoned lift operator. If you opt to train your employees instead of outsourcing this work, be sure to refresh their training from year to year so that revised best practices can be incorporated into their learning. It’s also important to secure safety training for employees who will be working in close proximity to scissor lifts. This way, all of your team can take a proactive approach to preventing injury.

6. Determine Whether Renting or Buying a Scissor Lift Is the Safest Choice

Sometimes the safest way to operate a scissor lift is by securing a rented model. For instance, if you don’t have a proper storage area for a full-size lift and if you’re unable to give this equipment the diligent maintenance it deserves, it’s probably better to rent lifts as you need them.

This is also true if you aren’t able to invest enough money, manpower, and time to ensure adequate training for everyone on your team. Lift rentals can include experienced, certified lift operators who can complete the work you need without risk of property damage or physical injury.

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