Lift equipment is very crucial in any manufacturing plant or industrial facility. They help lift, load, and unload heavy cargo. Since these machines handle strenuous jobs, they are more likely to wear out. When neglected, lift equipment can experience mechanical failure that disrupts the processes in a plant. Poorly maintained lift equipment could also compromise the safety of the workers and the entire property. Therefore, plan for regular inspections to improve their overall functionality. Here are the benefits of having your lift equipment inspected each year.

1. It Lowers the Risk of Injuries

Regular inspection of your lift machines lowers the chances that your employees will get injured while at work. During inspections, the technician can quickly identify early malfunction signs and fix them before they become serious issues. The professional will inspect the emergency controls, steering, brakes, electrical systems, and hydraulic system to ensure that they are in working order. They will change the defective parts, synchronize all the components, and test the unit for maneuverability. The inspection also involves looking for physical damage like corrosion, checking for deformities on hooks, and assessing the accuracy of the gauges. All of these activities reduce the chances that the equipment will fail and cause accidents.

2. Inspections Increase Productivity

When the lift equipment fails, they disrupt the workflow, and you might even have to halt some projects. The annual inspection helps prevent mechanical failure. Although the inspection process may seem somewhat time-consuming, it will take longer to repair the unit once it completely fails. So, you will end up wasting productive hours. Even when a single component malfunctions, it becomes a challenge to complete tasks. Consequently, you will fail to meet deadlines. The downtime will compromise clients’ perception of your reliability, and you might miss out on future projects. Note that if an employee gets injured while operating heavy machines, they might take longer to recover. You will, therefore, need to hire someone new and incur restaffing costs. The new employee can take more time to train and adapt, which lowers productivity. Annual lift equipment maintenance can help avoid such issues.

3. It Lowers Repair Costs

Having annual lift equipment inspection helps keep your machines in pristine conditions for years to come. When well-maintained, you will get a lot of work done with fewer breakdowns, saving you on repair costs. This means you will get better returns on your investment. When you neglect maintenance, multiple components may fail together, which will even take you longer to repair. Note that these are costly pieces of equipment, and in case you need replacements, local dealers may not have the specific parts. You might need to order them from a dealer elsewhere, which adds to the overall cost.

4. It Ensures Compliance With Industrial Standards

Different regulations govern the maintenance of lift equipment. Based on your state, you might incur hefty fines if you neglect equipment inspections. Note that it’s every employer’s responsibility to create a safe environment for the employees. Hiring a professional to inspect the lift equipment annually will not only eliminate safety hazards but also help ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations. Note that if you know your equipment needs inspection but you fail to repair it and an employee gets injured while using it, you will be liable for negligence. Also, in case your lift equipment causes repeated injuries to your employees, and they end up filing multiple compensation claims, your premiums might increase. But, if you take great care of your equipment, it minimizes technical hazards, decreasing the premiums.

5. You Will Have Peace of Mind

When you plan for lift equipment inspections annually, the technician will ensure that the unit and necessary components are in working order. You will thus rest assured that the machines have a lower chance of causing safety issues. The success of any manufacturing or construction plant highly depends on the efficiency of the equipment. When inspected, you will worry less about an issue arising while in the middle of the project. Generally, annual equipment inspection helps minimize work-related stress.

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