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Why is Forklift Safety Important?

Forklifts may be fun to operate, but the large equipment is dangerous and handled as such.  Accidents happen and tend to occur more on work sites with large equipment such as forklifts.  Safety training is essential if you drive a forklift or are training to do so. Avoiding Fatal Forklift Accidents Forklifts can flip over. The driver is not the only at risk, but workers on the site or warehouse are in danger if the heavy equipment flips due to distraction or under-maintained equipment. Without policy and procedure regarding usage of a forklift, you run the risk of also crushing
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Qualifications for Driving a Forklift

Forklift driving is a dream many children have when they see the large equipment and how a single person was controlling the mechanical monster. As adults, we often forget those dreams. Forklift operation requires a certification. However, many operators make upwards to 20 dollars an hour, and you get to work with the huge toy you eyed as a child. Foundation Of Forklift Operation Forklifts are used to move heavy materials in various environments, including construction or warehouse operations. The operation of a forklift can be repetitive. Often, mistakes happen because the operator relies on muscle memory to work the hydraulic
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What are the Most Common Forklift Operator Errors?

Accidents happen because we are merely human. However, there are ways to avoid them, especially in work situations. Procedure and policy are written and followed for your safety and the safety of co-workers and others.  Missteps and mishaps are diverted by following a few standard rules. The Key Of Communication The noise of a work site is already overwhelming. With the addition of a forklift, a driver cannot always hear what is happening or what is needed.  Appointed lights and signals should be utilized to signal incoming traffic or workers that are nearby. If equipment is in poor shape and
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