When purchasing used construction equipment, knowing what to look for is essential. This can be a large investment, and you want to ensure it lasts. Here are 10 factors you should consider before making your purchase.

1. Condition of the Equipment

When buying a piece of used construction equipment, it is always best to inspect it before the purchase. You should check for any leaks, cracks, or other damage that could be on the machine. If you are in Indianapolis, QuickLifts has your back. Our mechanics will inspect it and give a detailed review of the condition so that you can make the most informed decision.

2. Make and Brand

You must know what type of construction equipment you are going for. The type of machine will determine its suitability for your needs and maintenance requirements. The brand is something to think about in your decision. There are a lot of well-known brands that offer quality products. However, some companies offer low-cost options, but finding replacement parts for their products can sometimes be challenging. Our team can advise you on the most reliable brands on the market.

3. Cost

Cost is a significant factor to consider. Most people opt for used equipment because it saves some money. However, you should also consider how often you’ll use it and what kind of work it will do. If you’ll be using it frequently to perform heavy-duty tasks, you’ll want to pay a little more for something more durable.

4. Features

This is something else to consider when choosing used construction equipment. Some equipment offers more features than others and might be better suited for specific tasks. Consider working with QuickLifts to help you find the equipment with the features you want.

5. Fluids

Fluids that need to be checked regularly to maintain healthy construction equipment are transmissions, engines, hydraulic systems, and coolants. When checking its fluid levels, you should also check for smoke and leaking fluids so that a minor problem doesn’t become worse.

A hydrostatic test can uncover the presence of cracks in a water system. Thus, this method allows you to discover weaknesses. If the fluids are dirty and low, regular maintenance hasn’t been done. Other clues, like water in the engine oil, could signify a more critical issue. Our experienced team can handle this task for you and more.

6. Experience of the Seller

When you find an incredible piece of equipment at an affordable price, but the sellers have no experience in construction equipment and they don’t know much about the model you’re talking about, you should probably take a step back and rethink your purchase. The sellers may not have had any experience with construction equipment or the model that they are selling. Instead of asking questions or getting more information, they will give vague answers in an attempt to get your money. You should beware of sellers like this.

7. Repair Costs

Consider how many repairs the equipment might need. If the equipment was not well-maintained, it’s most likely to malfunction down the line. At QuickLifts, we have certified mechanics who can do a thorough check and let you know which repairs are necessary to ensure the equipment remains operable.

8. Hours That It Has Been Used

The number of hours an item has been in use will give insight into its age and performance levels. It is essential to know the hours left before the equipment needs service.

9. Horsepower

Horsepower is a measurement used to determine the amount of work or energy created by an engine. A higher number means the equipment is more powerful and can do more work in less time.

10. Accuracy

Scale is integral to purchasing any used equipment, such as a truck. If you buy a truck, the scale should be accurate and stable to avoid errors. Check the calibrations and ensure they are up to standard and working optimally.

At Quicklifts, we rent, service, and maintain construction equipment in Indianapolis. Our ultimate goal is to help you get your job done on budget and on time. Whether purchasing or renting, we have the heavy-duty equipment you need to complete your project. If you need a repair, our skilled mechanics can resolve all your issues at the job site or at our service center. Contact us today for more information.